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Canyon School Weekly Memo

Canyon School Weekly Memo

June 1 - June 5, 2020

"The Canyon School Community will nurture caring, respectful citizens who embrace lifelong learning."


2020-21 Staffing Plan - For the upcoming school year, we are expecting a decline in student population as well as a decline in funding available to the school, resulting in a decrease in the teaching and support staff available to the school.  In order to create a staffing plan that works within these limitations, we are making adjustments to class configurations.  For the 2020-21 school year, we will be reducing from 13 classroom to 11 classrooms, with some grades moving to a combined-grades model.  For the upcoming year, our grade configurations will be as follows:

Principal  Mr. Pichurski
Assistant Principal/Learning Support Mrs. Ames
Learning Support/FNMI/PUF Support Mrs. Lach
Family School Liaison Counselor  Lindsey Michalsky
Kindergarten Mrs. Dickson
Gr. 1A Mrs. Anastacio
Gr. 1B Mrs. Riedel
Gr. 2/3A Mrs. Robbins
Gr. 2/3B Mrs Lenz
Gr. 2/3C Mr. Martens & Mrs. Mensaghi
Gr. 4/5A Mrs. Bonertz & Mrs. Milligan
Gr. 4/5B  Mrs. Simpson
Gr. 4/5C Miss McCracken
Gr. 6A Mr. Shackleford
Gr. 6B Mrs. Duncan
Music (January - June) Mrs. Matthews
Administrative Assistant Mrs. Kirk
Administrative Assistant Mrs. Noel
Learning Commons Technical Mr. Clark
Educational Assistants Mrs. Doell
  Mrs. Marr
  Mrs. Oczkowski
  Mrs. Oliver
  Mrs. Bruder
  Mrs. Barrios
Nutrition Program Assistant TBD
Preschool Educator Mrs. Kelly
Preschool Educational Assistant Mrs. Terpstra
Preschool Educational Assistant Mrs. Frost
Caretaker Mr. Pollock

A reminder - this staffing plan, like all plans, is anticipatory in nature - if circumstances change, plans will be adjusted accordingly.  If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions, please contact Mr. Pichurski at the school. 

Reopening of Schools for 2020-21 - We have received many questions and concerns about what the reopening of schools will look like in the fall.  At this time, school divisions and school boards are awaiting direction from the Alberta Government regarding potential timelines, guidelines and restrictions related to the opening of schools.  As soon as this information becomes available, we will share it with the school community.

Livingstone Range School Board Key Messages - Click here to view the Key messages from the most recent meeting of the LRSD Board or Trustees.

Upcoming Events:

No School for Students - Monday, June 8, - Staff Planning Day

Final Instructional Day (click here) - Monday, June 22


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